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West Highland White Terrier

Long favored by Scottish huntsmen, The Westie dog is also a proficient ratter. The "westie", is undoubtedly one of the most popular terriers, mainly because of its charm and intelligence. Although this breed is an extremely popular pet, it is still used as a working dog on some farms, and is the dog of choice for a famous British fox hunt.

Westie Characteristics

The Westie personality is wonderful. They are a sporting little dog but they appreciate comfort. Its fun-loving nature makes it an ideal playmate for children, whose energy it is likely to match. The Westie dog personality is self-assured dog with a lust for life. This breed mixes well with other dogs and loves human companionship. Westie's lifespan is 14-15 yrs old. Although some lucky westies can outlive that.

Westie Appearance

Its outercoat is wiry, whithout curl, and its undercoat is soft and warm, Eyes are dark and set apart; ears should be erect and pointed. its tail is 5-6in long and is carried jauntily but not over the back. Feet are strong with thick pads, with the front feet larger than the hind. Its body is compact with a deep chest, and the upper ribs are arched.

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