Please contact us after you have read all of the information below, and to be certain of availability of puppies before you send any money.

Thank you!


To adopt a westie puppy from this site, you may send us an email.

Here are our adoption fees. 

Girls: $1,500.00 with Limited AKC registration 

Boys: $1,400.00 with Limited AKC registration

We have a non-refundable deposit of $100.00

On July 1st, 2020 the adoption fee will be raised to $1,500 for a Female and $1,400 for a Male. All deposits placed before July 1st will reserve the price of $1,300 for a Female and $1,200 for a Male.

Lets get started, To get in touch with us you may email or call to let us know your interest. When you get ahold of us we ask you to; Tell us your interests in our westies,

A little bit about yourselves. ( example, previous dogs, location ect. )

Which parents you are interested in and gender of puppy you would like.   


Deposit: You can use the Paypal buttons below, or contact us to say you prefer to mail a check. After your deposit is received we will mail a receipt to you. 



This step is crucial, within your follow up e-mail we ask you for your

Name, Address, Phone number

Attention: This information included in your e-mail will be used to fill out your receipt (If you are sending a check) and will be noted in our records in order for any mistakes to be avoided.  


Click here to deposit $100.00 for a Westie puppy plus 4% PayPal fee.

If you have placed your deposit click here to pay the remaining balance for a Male. Plus 4% PayPal fee.

If you have placed your deposit click here to pay the remaining balance for a Female. Plus 4% PayPal fee.

Click here to pay the shipping balance.

Plus 4% Paypal fee.

I reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy at anytime for any reason. If you have placed a deposit, it will be refunded.