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FAQ's about West Highland White Terriers.

Are Westies Hypoallergenic?

Yes, Westies are a low shedding breed. Westies are generally thought to be suitable with those with allergies.

How big does a Westie Get?

Male Westie terriers are normally 11 in. tall while females will be slightly shorter at 10 in. They weigh anywhere from 13 to 22 lbs.

Are there miniature or Teacup Westies?

There is no such thing as a miniature or Teacup Westie. Although there are smaller westies they are not bred differently. Be cautious of any breeders who are advertising their puppies as miniature or Teacup Westies.

Are Westie's high maintenance?


 Westies usually do not get over 25 lbs. Another plus they are remarkably easy to train. No need to worry about intensive grooming, brushing or removing dead hairs normally keep the Westies coat healthy. Westies are one of the fluffiest low maintenance dog breeds.

How much do Westies cost?


For pricing and availability please visit our Adoption Process page.

How Long do Westies live for?


A Westies lifespan is generally 15 years of age but older Westies are not unusual.


 Do Westies health issues?

West highland white terriers are generally healthy dogs. Although there are some disease's or skin allergies that you need to look out for. Our Westies have been here for multiple generations so health issues have been bred out. 

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