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Wagner or 'Wags' is a complex and intelligent character. He is a constant source of wonder, quiet company and enthusiastic involvement. I am forever grateful for his company and for you providing him.

It has been, and is, a great experience to watch him grow and develop. He knows, in his own way, how to communicate certain things to us such as 'its time for us to go out for a walk'. 


Wags is remarkably popular almost wherever I go.

This last Friday I was leaving Wags’ favorite restaurant (one of them) and a couple came over to speak with me and see Wags.  They have a Westie that is smaller than Wags (I hear this regularly) and they were smitten with Wags.


They really want to get another Westie and they would have been very happy if they could have taken Wags home with them.  They took down your information and, who knows, they may contact you.

They loved Wags and then when they got around to looking at his face they fell in love with him all over again.  Wags is a real character and that face is remarkably handsome.  He works it to his advantage at all times.


I cannot Thank you enough for my furry friend. Ron, Pasadena CA


Shay’s Westies is truly an amazing place for those looking for an adorable and well behaved westie pup. Shay was extremely helpful when it came to all of my questions. Although I was a little nervous to be receiving the alpha male of the litter, my pup is the sweetest and most friendly dog I have ever known! As soon as he got home, he adjusted very quickly and got along perfectly with other dogs. We always receive compliments for his fur, as it is soft, fluffy, and very white. He has had no issues whatsoever, health or behavioral. I have always wanted to own a westie, and I cannot thank Shay enough for his patience and my new best fur friend. Cristina, Boston MA


Here is our dear boy yesterday at our home in Jacksonville, OR.  Everyone on our street says Ruckus owns the street.  All the neighbors and all the dogs rush out to greet him.  Walking through the village, people behind fences and hedges call out "Hello, Ruckus!"  I have no idea who they are.  He is so full of personality, and so loving to all, he makes everybody love him instantly.  Couldn't wish for a better companion.

Best Regards,

Leslie, Jacksonville OR


I got my westie from Shay a little over two years ago. Purchasing a westie puppy from Shay was a smooth process, as Shay kept up communication when the litter was born all the way through the time a I finally picked my puppy up. My boy Finley is beyond what I hoped and dreamed for in a companion. Finley is very strong and healthy. As he's grown up, He loves to go on hikes and backpacking trips with me. What I love most about him though is his personality. Finley is very companionable, friendly, sweet, and playful. He has his westie determination and independence, but above all he is calm and very easy to train. He is well behaved at the vet, in the car and other new situations. Finley is an amazing boy and I couldn't ever imagine my life without him. Thank you Shay for breeding westies that are healthy and have amazing temperaments. Hannah, Fort Collins CO


Our hearts were broken when we lost our Westie, Jaixen , last June. We knew we wanted another Westie but had no idea where to look since the breeder we had gotten Jaixen from retired.

Shay’s Westies was recommended to me by an old friend. We spent a lot of time researching and checking this breeder out before contacting him.

The adoption process was so smooth, no issues whatsoever. Everything Shay promised us was followed through with. We were so excited to adopt our precious little Finlay. He was everything we hoped for. Healthy, well taken care of, sweet disposition, the list is endless. Our Vet said Finlay was one of the healthiest pups she had ever seen from a breeder.

We could not be happier with the whole adoption process from start to finish. 

We highly recommend Shay’s Westies if you are looking for that perfect pup. You will be glad you chose your fur baby from Shay!

Jerry and Judy, Kearney NE 


My husband and I along with our daughter's family purchased two brothers, Duff and Mac from 

Shay.  Both Westies are healthy and happy.  Shay was very professional and courteous in 

answering all of our many questions pre-purchase.  He obviously has a love for Westies and shows

integrity in breeding and caring for the pups.  We highly recommend Shay to anyone wanting to get

a Westie.

Nancy, Windsor, CO


We were looking for a Westie breeder for a while when we stumbled across Shay's westies.  Shay was responsive with any questions we had as well as sending us pictures until our puppy was ready to be picked up. Shay met us to deliver "Humphrey" and then even followed up after we accumulated a couple of days.  I can't share with you how happy we are with our little guy!! He is now 10 months old and we will be adding to our westie family this summer.  And of course, "Bogart" will be from Shay's westies as well!  Great dogs, bred well and great people to work with!!

Barb & Randi, Fort Collins, CO


We purchased an adorable puppy named (Mr. PP Peppers) from Shay's Westie 2 years ago, it was a wonderful experience. We had all our questions answered about the breeding, health and personality of the pups and the parents. We would gladly go through Shay's Westies to purchase another little white bundle of joy. We love our Mr. PP Peppers! Jan, Estes Park CO


Finley now a little over a year old. He's becoming a dog now after the puppy stage! He has a great disposition and is curious about everything. He has the westie hunter instincts for sure. He's also a great traveler. When he's in the kennel he never makes a fuss. Finley was easy to house train and now gives me a couple of yips when its time to go outside. He does well with all other dogs and has become a real house companion since I live alone.

Dwight, Lincoln NE

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